Frame protector - Installation guideline

Grab a frame protector kit from Mudting

Clean the surface with alcohol and paper to avoid any type of dust

Present the protector to find the right placement and check the size. It is useful to have a cutter or scissors with you in case you need to cut and adapt the protector to your frame size.

Apply the frame protector // you can unwrap it multiple times till you find the perfect fit. To avoid any finger prints on the protector, you can water your fingers slightly.

Apply pressure from the middle towards the sides with your hands or spatula

You SHOULD apply heat gently with a heat gun or a hairdryer to help activate the glue.

Use the spatula and press gently to finish the application of the protector.

Let the frame protector settle 2-3mins and apply again heat all over the protector. Use the spatula to fine tune all the details you missed.